myth of wings

Seaside Towns (2019)

A lyrical story of a taboo love.

Highly intelligent, autistic, and bisexual, Anatoliy Yevtushenko left the USSR to pursue his education at Cambridge and then to settle as a professor at a New York university. He also left a country where homosexuality could send a man to the gulag. The taboo of being gay has already destroyed his first serious relationship. Holidaying in Wales, he realises he is falling in love with his best friend, Francis.

Francis is American, a flamboyant and confident professor of philosophy and a haunted veteran of the Korean war. Learning to love Anatoliy is a difficult, wonderful process which forces him to face old ghosts and accept a new life which won’t always be easy.

Explore the vibrant North Wales of the 1960s, two cultures colliding in the surroundings of a third, and experience a love story to make your heart ache.

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myth of wings

The Myth of Wings (2012)

It is 1944 in England, and war has been closing in on the country for five long years. Ed is American, eighteen, and a waist-gunner on a B-24. Cassie is English, a talented young artist who lives nearby. When Cassie is commissioned to paint Boys on the Base it is not long before the two fall in love.

The 1860s, and Cassie wakes up in the American Midwest as a young woman with no recollection of her past. There she finds Ed, a man shadowed by guilt, and Amriel, a mysterious figure living by the river. Over time, Cassie will unfold Ed’s guilt and the memories of their other lives.

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Drift proof frontDrift (Collected Poems)

Drift is a collection of poetry informed by physics, geology, Darwinism, religion, motherhood, cult television, and events in the outside world.



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Of The Ninth Verse

Of The Ninth Verse (2011)

Anwen and Idwal are just two people who fall in love – except that Anwen is Idwal’s sister…

Of The Ninth Verse is a love story set in the idyllic but claustrophobic surroundings of the hills of North Wales.. When Idwal is born Anwen sees him as an interloper in her contented childhood. But as the pair grow older, they also grow closer. Anwen is Idwal’s protector, his guide and his idol – later she will become his lover. Of The Ninth Verse follows the progress of the secret relationship that takes place within a close-knit and highly traditional community.

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How Glass Becomes Sand (2002)

How Glass Becomes Sand follows the progress of a person’s mind through the eroding effects of a truth which is not hers. Keena Howarth finds herself a world where her self-identity is no longer valid, her gender is no longer true, and her name is no longer her own. She wakes in an unfamiliar room, to be told that she is David Haker, and is a man. The world outside is unfamiliar, her possessions are ones she has never seen, and her friends are people she has no memory of ever knowing.

The only truth she knows is that she is in some kind of hospital, and that to retain her identity, she must escape.

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dangerous asylums

Dangerous Asylums (2016)

‘A Drowning, And And Resurfacing Slowly,’ is included in this anthology of writing about Denbigh Hospital.

A successful London Welshman after the Great War tells his grand-daughter of the madness that infects the family blood. A former inmate at Denbigh Asylum throws herself under a train. A woman made notorious by killing her own child prepares herself for release, and a businesswoman touring a derelict hospital is troubled by the lingering horrors of its past.

When Denbigh Hospital was opened in 1848, it was considered one of the most progressive and humane institutions in Wales, yet it was dogged by over-crowding and rumours of abuse. Now some of the leading writers in Wales tell its story, drawing on the records of patients long dead to give us a portrait of mental illness and care during the Victorian and Edwardian era.

The North Wales Mental Health Research Project was established by Prof. David Healy and other clinicians and academics to explore the history of mental illness and treatment in north Wales, with support from Merfyn Jones, Hywel Williams, Ieuan Wyn Jones and others. Now they are joined by award-winning writers, Glenda Beagan, Carys Bray, Manon Steffan Ros, Simon Thirsk, Gee Williams, and others, in eight short stories that bring the hospital and its patients to vivid and compelling life.

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