me picture bA. L. Reynolds lives in the beautiful Conwy Valley, North Wales, where the surroundings add more than a little inspiration to her writing. After a misspent youth pursuing literature and mediaeval studies to postgraduate level, she now divides her time between her children, her cats, and her computer.

Her first novel, How Glass Becomes Sand, was published (as A. L. Doughty) while she was still at university. Since then she has published three works of literary fiction, Of the Ninth Verse, The Myth of Wings, and, most recently, Seaside TownsShe has also released a collection of poetry called DriftTwo young adult fantasy novels, The Copper Ransom and Angelwings, and a number of literary fiction novels, are currently undergoing revision.

Of the Ninth Verse has now been re-released by Cockatrice Books.


How_Glass_Becomes_Sand      myth of wings   Drift proof frontseaside towns cover kindle

4 thoughts on “Biography

  1. Hello, I was wondering if you have an email I could contact you with. I know of an abandoned farm in Maenan which you could possibly visit!

    • Hi, thanks for your comment. No, I haven’t published a book about them. I’m working on research for a book at the moment, but it’s taking a long time because there’s always something new to find out. I hope to have something finished in the next couple of years.

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